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This year we manage the actual anniversary day of the launch of the world's first
'Man in Space' in 1961 - 12th April
So GLENCOE MODELS again co-sponsors YURI'S NIGHT

Last year we had over 200 guests!

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Covered Wagon

One of the new horse-drawn kits to be released very soon from GLENCOE MODELS
is the Covered Wagon, otherwise known as the Prairie Schooner

There are many possibilities for dioramas, but here are a couple of alternative ideas...

This is the "World's Largest Covered Wagon" and can be found in Milford, Nebraska, just off the I-80

Now abandoned, it used be more complete -
it even had wheels!

Largest Covered wagon

Or how about this 'futuristic version' as featured in :

Frank Reade, Jr, and his Electric Prairie Schooner

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Check NEW RELEASES for a new series that features western and horse-drawn kits to a constant 1:48 scale.
These have not been reissued for many decades.

Medicine Wagon



October 4th was the start of World Space Week - that runs until 10th

World Space Week commemorates the start of the Space Age -
the launch of Sputnik 1 on October 4th, 1957

Sputnik 1

How have YOU been celebrating it?

How about building one of Glencoe's 'space' models?

Check out the on-line catalog



On April 13th, almost to the day (12th) of the launch of the world's first 'Man in Space' in 1961 - and in 1981 the launch of the first Space Shuttle,

It was a great success with over 200 guests, so there are plans to hold the event annularly.
Keep watching!

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Yuir's Night - poster